Plaster Restoration

Plaster restoration is one of the specialist services we offer at Bespoke Plaster Mouldings Ltd. We are able to restore, conserve and recreate existing decorative plasterwork in cases of damage, for example, water penetration and decay, or general wear and tear over the years. Matching original designs allows us to provide design continuity, contributes to maintaining the historic character of the property, and can increase its overall value significantly.

Our craftsmen have experience in restoring period plasterwork using either fibrous plaster or lime plastering. After visiting the property, we’re able to assess and determine the work required, and provide a quote. The restoration can be carried out on-site (where appropriate), by using the latest technological tools such as our Liquid Silicone Spray Moulding Machine, allowing us to create a reverse mould of the plasterwork. Alternatively, in case of missing or damaged parts, our highly trained specialists can complete the work in our workshop.

Over the years, we’ve restored and recreated Victorian ceiling roses and cornices, in addition to restoring period properties like the Ripley Castle and the Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

restoring a victorian ceiling rose